5 new destinations for the holidays 30th April, Summer 2013

5 new destinations for the holidays 30th April, Summer 2013
A list of 5 new following destinations, but not many people know about will enrich your holiday time this 30th April and the upcoming summer 2013

1, Ly Son - Quang Ngai

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Ly Son Island District in Quang Ngai Province, consists of three islands: Grand Island (Ly Son island of ), Little Island (Coast Isle Beach) and Older Blind island. This enchanting island attracts visitors with spectacular lava wall shape, with pristine beaches, crystal clear, the majesty of Cave Temple, An Hai village, not perforated, craters, ruins Customs team history Hoang Sa, Truong Sa, flexible tone ... Apart from explore tourism, tourists can enjoy the delicious dishes in this unique strange place. In particular it is crispy leaf salad made ​​from garlic which is sweet and charming.

2, Phu Yen


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We can say, Phu Yen has tourism potential to attract visitors to the nose Consul General, Vung Ro Bay Xuan Dai, rock, O Loan dress ... The province has an airport in the city of Tuy Hoa along the stretch of roadquite convenient for tourists. But at the present time, Phu Yen tourism is still new to many people. Now on the occasion of 30th April & 1st May here, few people choosing whether Phu Yen central province has excellent cuisine and service prices, much cheaper than hotel elsewhere.

3, Quy Nhon


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Nature has generously offered to Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh sunny beaches, clear blue water as Bai Dai Beach, Nhon Ly (Quy Nhon), Cat Tien, Cat Hai (Phu Cat), LoYao, Tam Quan (Hoai Nhon), especially beaches Hai Giang, Trung Luong Vinh Hoi, Tan Thanh national ecotourism routes Phuong Mai - Nui Ba national park are among the most beautiful beaches in South Central withnatural landscape sea, mountains harmony. Quy Nhon Phu Yen as well as the sea is still new to travelers whether natural harmony, rich seafood and hospitable people.

4, Ninh Chu - Ninh Thuan

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Ninh Chu beach is a village of Binh Son, Van Hai, Ninh Thuan Province. Ninh Chu-known and regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Combined with the famous Binh Son, Ninh Chu became cluster of resorts Binh Son - Ninh Chu brought face, brand and revenue for the province. Ninh Chu Beach clean and beautiful and exotic beach in Phan Thiet, on the other hand do not have to go too far as Nha Trang, which is the criteria that you can select Ninh Chu Beach as a tourist.

5, Hai Tac Island - Kien Giang

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From the mainland, it takes more than one hour you will reach Pirate Island, belonging to the province of Kien Giang. Most of the area is forest covered island, which is adjacent to the salt water of the rock. You can immerse yourself in the clear blue sea, a carefree and comfortable cool or listen to the fishermen tell stories about pirates. Dive under the clear blue sea, you manually start the screws flag, stone crabs, sea snails, marine fish ... then use the dried branches to bake or boil and enjoy together.

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