video clip : "excellent Hanoi" in the student's love

The video is about Hanoi which was built up by a love of a man and a girl he loved when he was abroad. This love was helped by other 60 beautiful young students

Cyclo in Hanoi Old Quarter

Every cyclo driver will take their guests through the Hang Ngang and hang Dao streets in Hanoi Old Quarter. It is ok in the quiet days. However, this causes trouble when the New Year time is coming. No cyclo in Hanoi ? This will also mean that Hanoi is NOT Hanoi any more, not the Hanoi of 36 streets or the peaceful city with classical glass roof ,... full of cyclo rows through each lane or each street. Yet, there are some opinions that want to stop letting cyclo move arount the Hanoi city. They think that this will obstruct the traffic. Indeed, the daily traffic participants on the old town are very annoyed with these cyclos that slow them. However, the problem is not only because of these slow transporation

Hanoi Old Quarter in foreign's heart!

Worried to be lost in the Hanoi Old Quarter is the first felling of many foreigners. However, they will be attracted by the the exciting life and the special food in Hanoi

Welcome to the Jasmine Hotel in Hanoi

The Jasmine Hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter offers 30 beautiful rooms, 10 floors with an elevator. Plus all the usual features you’d expect to find in a great hotel in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, including our own restaurant, serving up a combination of traditional Vietnamese and Western snacks and meals throughout the day.

Vietnam’s favourite dishes revealed

On August 16, the Vietnam Records Book Centre (VietKings) announced Vietnam’s top 14 culinary delights for the first time. The specialties include fruit, cakes, preserves, sauces and spices, wines, spring rolls, fruit with a high economic value, sweet porridge and gruel, raw fish, vegetables and five kinds of salted fish.

3D recreations of old Hanoi displayed

15 computer-generated images featuring 3D modelling of Hanoi in the past will be displayed at 42 Trang Tien Street from August 30. The event is organised by Hanoi’s Department of ...

Delicious street food in Hoi An

Tourists to the ancient town of Hoi An can easily find restaurants majoring in Western and Vietnamese foods. However, to make your trip to the town more interesting, tourists are ...


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