The most interesting trekking places for young people during beginning of the new year

From the roof of Indochina Fansipan peak to the highest mountain Ham Lon in Hanoi,...each location gives you a sense of discovery and new experiences.

7 beaches in Vietnam that tourists should visit

Summer is coming and the beach is the top choice of many tourists. Below are the most beautiful beaches of Vietnam that the magazine Lonely Planet advises tourists to choose when coming to Vietnam

Vietnam through the American photographer's lens

Under the lens of Andrei Duman, Vietnam appears authentic, extraordinarily vivid and charming, from Hanoi,Northwest to Halong...

A new plant with 5 different fruits: a five fruit tree

This year, the bonsai market for the new year in the capital Hanoi is the emergence of a kind of exotic plants, including berries, grapefruit, oranges, distribute, tangerines and satsumas.

The places in Vietnam that foreigners like most

Vietnam has a lot of beautiful and charming scenery that attract foreign visitors. They are listed below

The coldest days in Hanoi

The coldest days from the beginning of this winter, many people in Hanoi have to light a fire for heating

Christmas is on the hustle

All the churches in the capital Hanoi is a rush to prepare for the upcoming Christmas 2012. Many musical theaters were built, parishioners also work together to contribute their decorations for their church.


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