Useful tips from Vietnamese stars when traveling

Money, passports, plane tickets are necessary for a trip. But apart from that, what do you also need to bring? Listen to the extremely helpful advices below from Vietnamese stars so that your travel becomes more wonderful

3 experiences can not be missed when traveling to Ha Long bay

(Info from The Jasmine Hotel)- Ha Long Bay is now not only famous by thousands of large and small islands arranged marvelously by the nature but it is also an attractive destination for the tours to explore new and unique places

5 new destinations for the holidays 30th April, Summer 2013

A list of 5 new following destinations, but not many people know about will enrich your holiday time this 30th April and the upcoming summer 2013

March: Travel along the cherry blossom season

For those who love the poetic beauty of the cherry blossoms, March and April is best time of the cherry festival. Please go through the most ideal places in Asia to enjoy cherry blossoming

4 important advices when going to Perfume Pagoda

Festival of the Perfume Pagoda (Huong Son, My Duc District, Ha Noi) is the longest festival of the year, known by the sacred and the charming scenery of the river. Every year, the Perfume Pagoda attracts millions of visitors. It's also an opportunity for the service "brokers", "tight guillotine," phishing "throne". If you're not careful you'll have to suffer from these

Taiwan-5 sightseeing addresses can not be missed

Dubbed the "beautiful island," Taiwan today is still true value for that name with many interesting tourist attractions. This can proves both natural beauty, culture, tradition and beauty of the first or second modern European city

Four most romantic destinations for women in the world

Women usually like beautiful and romantic places. Below are the most romantic spots that men should take them to when having money


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