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Room is nicely decorated for a honey moon couple. Complimentary flowers, wine, honey moon cake and the decoration,...
$ 70
2 person(s)/room
Room with nice balcony viewing to the Old Quarter or quiet room - without balcony
$ 50
1 person(s)/room
This room type is available on every floor. It is for 1 person. The room is equipped with private bathroom, a/c, cable tivi, mini bar, hair dryer,....
$ 40
1 person(s)/room
A quiet room on the back. One double bed and one single bed. This room type is good for friends of three or a family with one small child
$ 55
3 person(s)/room
This type of room is available on every floor. It is for 2 persons. There is one Double bed or Two single beds.Comfortable & well-appointed. A fine choice for solo or couple or two friends traveling together
$ 40
2 person(s)/room
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